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Mobile Beauty Bar ATL

Mobile Beauty Bar Atlanta Promises At-Home Services With A Smile

Mobile beauty services are the sparkling gem of today's fast-paced world. When we need to get ready but don't have the time to drive across town to our salon, what can we do? With Mobile Beauty Bar ATL by your side, you will never need to worry about professional mobile beauty services again.

Fueled by the services of CEO Kristine Reed, Mobile Beauty Bar ATL endeavors to provide exceptional beauty services backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. With more than a decade of experience in and around the beauty industry, Kristine is prepared to help you with the winning beauty solutions that you need!

Call on Mobile Beauty Bar ATL today for assistance with any of the following services!

  1. Mobile Lash Services - Mink Eyelash Extensions are the calling card at Mobile Beauty Bar ATL when it comes time to enjoy revitalized brows. Mink extensions are lightweight, natural, and incredibly durable. With proper maintenance, our mink lash extensions can last you anywhere from six to eight weeks. When we say we offer mobile beauty services that last, we mean it!

  2. Mobile Glam Makeup - Looking your best should never feel like an uphill battle. Our natural glam and wedding glam makeup services ensure that you are prepared for the night no matter what you have on your schedule. Glam makeup is all about exemplifying what makes you, YOU!

  3. Brow Arch & Fill Services - Arch & Fill services are as important as any other when putting together your perfect look. If you want arched and defined brows, contact Kristine, and book a consultation!


Kristine Reed graduated from Columbia College Chicago with her B.A. in Business Management. After acquiring her MBA in Marketing and spending years working for makeup lines like MAC and Clinique, Kristine is ready to offer winning beauty services to clients throughout the Atlanta metro.

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