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Brow Specialist

Brow Specialist Atlanta 101: Why Should I Hire A Mobile Brow Specialist?

Is there anything more comforting in life than being pampered by a beauty professional? Getting to lean back in your chair to relax while an expert makes your brows glamorous can sound like a good time, but how can you enjoy those services from home?

Let's take a look at how Mobile Beauty Bar ATL can provide the winning beauty solutions you are looking for!


Hire a Mobile Brow Specialist Today!

Does the idea of being pampered from home sound appealing? Whether you are preparing for a night on the town or a special celebration, getting the best brow specialist Atlanta has available can be the perfect first step. Mobile Beauty Bar ATL is proud to offer a range of brow services to help our clients get ready for whatever their day or night has for them

  1. Mink Eyelash Extensions - Whether you are hitting the town with friends or preparing for a romantic night with your significant other, mink eyelash extensions can bring a whole new look for you to showcase. Mink hairs are soft, fine, and extremely lightweight. Thanks to their lower sheen, mink lash extensions offer a more natural and refined look. Mink lashes can last up to eight weeks with proper care.

  2. Natural Glam Makeup - For a soft look that adds a splash of shimmer, natural glam makeup is the go-to of choice. This professional yet-natural look gives you the pop you want with the subtly you need.

  3. Wedding Glam Makeup - Let us help you look even better on your special day. Wedding glam makeup helps you look your best for every moment during your celebration of love. 

    We are ready to help you look your best, whenever you need to!

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