Beautiful Lash Extensions

Enjoy the Beautiful Lash Extensions Available at Mobile Beauty Bar ATL!

When it comes time to get beautiful eyelash extensions or brand new mink lashes Atlanta locals are sure to turn to our team at Mobile Beauty Bar ATL. We've been dedicated to providing our clients with access to the best mink lashes Atlanta has to offer as well as all of the other beneficial beauty services you'd expect!

When it comes time to head to The Lash Bar, take a moment to consider Mobile Beauty Bar ATL. We bring beauty services to you so that you never need to move a muscle to get the refreshing looks that you deserve. Let's explore our services and offerings together!

Elevate Your Beauty Routine With Mobile Beauty Bar ATL

With more than a decade of industry experience working in and around the beauty field, we are uniquely qualified to provide our clients with exceptional services for every occasion. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, hosting a major party, or even looking for a makeup artist to help with a photoshoot, we can offer the steadying hand that you need as well as the beauty services you expect!

  • Makeup Consultation - Not only are we proud to offer amazing beauty services, but we also do so intending to educate our clients first. Schedule a makeup consultation with Mobile Beauty Bar ATL to better explore the potential looks that suit you best. This is the perfect place to start if you are considering our services for your wedding!

  • Mink Lashes - The most flexible, lightweight, and natural eyelash extensions on the market should be yours at a minimal cost. Mink lash extensions are all of the rage and for a good reason, they last forever and look great along the way. Call us today to discuss your next mink eyelash extension service.

  • Brows YOUR Way - While much of our focus at Mobile Beauty Bar ATL is on eyelash extension services, we are proud to offer brow tinting, brow arching, and even glam extensions as well! Ultimately, you should love the way that you look and that can mean hiring a makeup artist who can get the job done right!


Stunning Looks From The Lash Bar Near You!

Kristine Reed currently is the CEO at Mobile Beauty Bar ATL after spending years earning her B.A. in Business Management and her MBA in Marketing. After leaving school behind, Kristine would go on to work with prominent hair and beauty companies like Luster's Hair and Shea Moisture, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac, and Franchise Cosmetic Line.

Now servicing the Metro Atlanta area, Kristine is more than happy to offer the affordable lash services that you need to feel great while looking your best. With a variety of affordable lash services, including beautiful lash extensions, we are proud to become The Lash Bar you rely on for beautiful lash extensions and brow services!